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You're going to benefit from the 3D Cone Beam CT (Cat Scan) radiology technology that allows us to get imaging as accurate as a medical CT scan with 1/10 the dose of radiation and at approximately 1/10 of the cost.  

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Considering the difference between 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional, it's pretty clear to see how having 3D images of your mouth can give your dentist much more information.


This unbelievable technology allows your dentist to clearly see the internal anatomy of your tooth, and, in turn, he is able to more precisely give you the care that you need.

3D is your dentist's game changer

-   Measure available bone and soft tissue

-   Accurately map alveolar nerve canal

-   Virtually place crown in ideal location

-   Virtually place any implant

-   Place multiple and opposing implants

-   See the precise bone density

-   Measure remaining bone thickness

-   Know if a custom abutment will be needed

-   Create a surgical guide

3D imaging allows your

dentist to:

With 3D dental imaging, your doctor can rotate and view critical information from any angle. This technology is applicable to every dental procedure where seeing the tooth or bone is important.

Only when you see it can you treat it




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