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Getting a dental implant placement and restoration is considered to be the most optimal, and potentially the most conservative, care available today. Replace your missing teeth with implants that are strong and durable.

Most insurance is accepted, so call today and inquire about your specific policy and carrier.

When you get an implant today, it is going to be made primarily of titanium. Titanium is strong, durable and will actually fuse directly to the bone.


The process in which this bio-compatible metal fuses to your bone is called osseointegration. Essentially, the fused bone and the titanium are locking the implant into your jaw bone.

Today's implants are amazing

Placing dental implants into the jaw bones by surgical procedures allow them to osseointegrate, so these implants can then be used to support prosthetic tooth replacements of various designs and replace a single tooth or an entire arch.


Our practice provides you with the surgical and restorative phases of treatment. You can learn more here.

The magic of osseointegration

When you get an implant, you are getting a prosthetic replacement for your tooth. The root of your tooth is the part that is effectively being replaced with the implant.

What exactly is an implant?


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